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  • Nematicide Stewardship
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  • research & innovation strategy 2015

    New Research and Innovation Strategy

    The new strategy is driven by customer needs and innovation to deliver practical benefits to levy payers which will help to Produce, Promote and Protect the industry

  • Watch out for GB Potato Market Intelligence 2014-2015

    ‘Processed potato products, including frozen and chilled products, provide 61% of the value to the retail potato market.’

  • Nematicide application gets industry support

    Farmers who know the benefits of applying nematicides to protect their crops, can now look to the new Nematicide Stewardship Programme (NSP) group for guidance on best application practice.

  • Reminder How Good Potatoes Are

    With the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day approaching, Potato Council is calling on industry to back its campaign to use the date as an opportunity to remind consumers of the benefits of eating potatoes.

  • Latest Retail Figures

    GROCERY TRENDS - Total grocery grew at 1.1% in the latest 12 weeks, as shoppers continued to take advantage of lower prices.

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