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  • Corporate Plan
  • Interactive Potato Store
  • Safe Operations
  • Minimising Damage
  • Simplifying returns
  • Business Plan 2015-2018 under consultation

    Potato Council's draft Business Plan 2015-2018 is now available and under consultation until 17 January 2015. The Potato Council Divisional Plan forms part of the AHDB Corporate Plan. View details on how to submit responses.

  • The Interactive Potato Store (TIPS)

    The Interactive Potato Store allows you to discover and view information about how to make your stores more efficient.

  • Safe Potato Operations

    Here you will find a number of modules with videos and questionaires designed to advise on best safety practice for all those involved with the harvesting, storage and distribution of potatoes...

  • Minimising Damage

    This section aims to highlight settings and operations for minimising damage without compromising field or crop conditions...

  • Simplifying potato planting and buyer returns

    Potato returns have never been easier thanks to the e-planting and e-buyer returns system available online saving time and money.


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Aphid Monitoring

You can sign up to be alerted to the first Myzus persicae found in a region or regions, and also when the index value in a region exceeds a given threshold (you have a choice of two thresholds).  You can select the locations of traps you want to monitor by choosing from upto 8 regions. Learn more

Fight Against Blight

The Potato Council has offered a blight incident reporting service to the potato industry for the past 8 years. This information is collected on a voluntary basis by 300 blight scouts drawn from members of the industry who are routinely walking potato fields during the season.  The samples that the scouts send in for analysis are also used for the much-publicised work on mating types. Learn more


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