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Research & Innovation

1 March 2011


Mike Storey, Head of Research and Development


t: 02476 692051



“Potato Council research that focuses on the priorities of the industry to improve its profitability is crucial for a sustainable future.”

Potato Council R&D

Projects are commissioned and managed that aim to improve marketable yield, reduce defects and reduce input costs. Currently the programme involves around 30 projects with a total value of approximately £10m. Of this £1m is levy payer funding, with the remainder coming from other sponsors such as Scottish Government, Defra, Technology Strategy Board, BBSRC and potato industry businesses. Links to the Potato Council's Corporate Plan and R&D Strategy Document are provided below.

PCL Corporate Plan 

Research and Development Strategy 2012-2015

Research and Innovation Strategy 2015-2020

Potato Council Position Statement on use of Genetic Modification 

Current R&D Programme

The research programme can be divided into 5 key areas: pest; disease; agronomy; storage; and consumer-related research. The projects are carried out at research centres throughout the UK.

Current R&D Projects Summary

To find out more about both completed and live projects in our research programme please go to the research projects section of the Knowledge Hub.