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  • David Firman awarded first Potato Council fellowship

    NIAB CUF’s, Head of the Potato Agronomy Research Group, Dr David Firman has received the first of three £150,000 Potato Council research fellowships to help develop the next generation of leading potato scientists.   Announcing the award at the CUPGRA conference, in Cambridge 16 December, Potato Council’s Dr Mike Storey said, “The aim of the Research Fellowships is to help retain key...

    16 December 2014

  • Woodbridge potato grower takes stock of R&D

    The kind East Suffolk climate allows Bruce Kerr to produce early crops for processing and loose skin Maris Peer for the supermarkets on a range of soils from blowing sands to heavy clay.    The East Midlands and Eastern Counties combined grow more that 40% of the 121,000 hectare GB crop.   “Potatoes are extremely valuable crop to our region,” says Bruce. “The industry is a...

    15 December 2014

  • Potato Council conference tackles key industry concerns

    The recent Seed Industry Event held in Crieff on 25 November 2014 did not shy away from discussing some of the top concerns that our industry has. PCN, blackleg and aphid-borne viruses were all ‘must-attend’ sessions planned into the high-level industry programme months in advance. Dr Rob Clayton, Director of Potato Council welcomed over 150 growers, agronomists and plant health experts to the...

    10 December 2014

  • Endocrine disruptor legislation ‘could cost UK industry over £905 million’ - AHDB

    The loss of agrochemical actives as a result of recent EU hazard- based assessment criteria has the potential to cost UK agriculture over £905 million – or 10% of current farmgate value, according to a new AHDB report. (View the Potato sector version report: Potential impact on GB potatoes of the Community Strategy for Endocrine Disruptors) The report, commissioned by AHDB, assessed the...

    9 December 2014

  • One Year to go for Grandfathers

    Farmers have one year in which to ensure that they or their sprayer operator holds a recognised certificate if they plan to apply a professional pesticide warns The Voluntary Initiative (VI).   One of the requirements of the UK’s Sustainable Use Regulations is that from 26 November 2015, anyone applying professional crop protection products must hold a Recognised Certificate, such as the...

    28 November 2014