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  • Improve your marketable yield

    Potato Council is urging growers to attend a series of grower meetings and events this summer that will explain the scope of Potato Council-funded research at Cambridge University Farm (CUF) and the opportunities to improve marketable yield on your own farm.Look out for a number of Potato Council events and activities taking place this year, including an open day at Cambridge University Farm (CUF...

    11 September 2011

  • Where does energy go in winter?

    With low ambient temperatures, you wouldn’t expect high energy use from potato stores for the last few weeks.  Surprisingly, some monitored stores have shown a steady energy use even though little cooling has been required.  FEC Services Andrew Kneeshaw offers advice and tips on minimising usage.There have been a couple of reasons for high energy use in Potato Council-monitored potato...

    11 September 2011

  • Sodden soils pose bruising risk

    Challenging field conditions could raise the risk of bruising, that costs growers on average £200 per hectare each year.  Careful planning at planting can minimize the cost to your business.Following the coldest winter in 13 years, Potato Council is warning growers to take simple steps now, as planting gets underway, that will reduce the heightened risk of bruising later in the year.“...

    11 September 2011

  • Speak out to help the future of farming

    Farmers are being urged to promote the positive side of UK farming and demonstrate the difference that sustainable agriculture makes for the industry.  LEAF’s Future of Farming Week takes place from March 16-22, 2009.  For more information go to: Council is supporting Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF) in its call for every...

    11 September 2011

  • E-planting returns

    Potato returns have never been easier thanks to the new e-planting returns system available online at To register please phone 02476 478606 or email: can now update and complete their returns quickly and simply, reducing the need for traditional paper maps and eliminating extra administration time and costs.  The new e-...

    17 September 2009