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  • Future proofing Cheshire potatoes

    Cheshire potato growers gathered at Aston Grange Farm near Runcorn, at the end of June, 2014 to discuss the opportunities for the local crop at Potato Council’s Cheshire Potato event.   Host farmers Andrew and Steve Shaw opened their farm gates to growers serious about the future of the Cheshire potato industry.   Opening the event, Potato Council’s director, Dr Rob Clayton, urged...

    16 July 2014

  • East Midlands Potato Day 2014

    Around 200 potato growers, advisors and agronomists met at QV Foods, Holbeach Hurn, near Spalding, at the start of July 2014, for Potato Council’s (PCL’s) seventh East Midlands Potato Day.   “You will see crops on this farm today as good as they have been for years,” stated host and QV Foods chairman Duncan Worth, as he opened the event. “There’s plenty of old crop around too. Quite simply...

    11 July 2014

  • Potato Industry Stewardship Group announce new CIPC product label changes

    New statutory product label changes to Chlorpropham (CIPC) were announced by the Potato Industry Stewardship Group at Potato Council’s 50 years of Storage Research event in Lincolnshire last week.   Around 94% of UK post-harvest treatments use CIPC, which is applied to  around 3.5m tonnes of potatoes stored each year in c.2,500 stores by around 1,000 growers.   New application...

    9 July 2014

  • Seed event expands to embrace whole supply chain

    ‘From seed to ware’, Potato Council’s biennial seed strategy conference widens its appeal for the whole supply chain on 25th November 2014. This fast-paced, one-day industry event has been ‘refocused’ to appeal to the whole industry. Held at the Crieff Hydro Hotel in a beautiful Perthshire setting, this year’s Seed Industry Event theme reaches ‘from seed to ware’ and will look at key issues from...

    9 July 2014

  • The next 50 years of potato storage research

    We need to change and we need to do so quickly, urged Potato Council director Rob Clayton at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research (SBCSR), in Lincolnshire last week.   Since 1964, Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research in various guises over the years, has worked to improve the quality of produce, especially potatoes, through a better understanding of storage.    At the start of...

    8 July 2014