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27 June 2014

Potatoes were eaten as part of around 10.14 billion meals made at home each year, which is an average of 3.3 meals a week for each member of the population. Consumption habits change and it is important to understand how potatoes are being eaten, and what are they mainly accompanying.


Potato Consumer Report June 2014

  • Consumers are eating at home slightly less this year than last year, according to the latest data from Kantar Usage but certain foods are showing an increase in meal occasions. One of these items is the baked potato, with an extra 39 million occasions in the latest 12 weeks compared to last year - equivalent to an extra 3 million servings per week.
  • 42% of consumers eat both fresh and frozen potatoes on a weekly basis with around a fifth of all fresh potatoes eaten with roast dinners.
  • In the last 12 weeks, there were 5.4% fewer evening meals that included potatoes than in the same period in 2013. The majority (64%) of these came at the ‘teatime’ occasion.


A quarterly report is produced on the foodservice sector, based on KANTAR Worldpanel usage. This report is available free-of-charge to levy payers. Email: to be added to the circulation list.
To view the latest potato consumer report please visit the consumer section of the knowledge hub.

Potato Council activity

The primary focus of Potato Council marketing activity is on the consumer, which benefits all routes to market.
  • Research: understanding the consumer is key to driving consumption and Potato Council has invested in researching this area. These insights can help ensure that the right products are available to ensure that we sustain demand for the potato.  See summaries of our recent research on usage & attitudes and the shopper journey.
  • Promotion: Potato Council runs promotion campaigns aimed at younger consumers who eat fewer potatoes than their parents. All activity is based on understanding the consumer and how we can increase the number of potato meals they eat.
  • Education: Potato Council’s education programmes make sure we reach the future potato consumers. For example, over two-thirds of Primary Schools take part in the Grow Your Own Potatoes project – reconnecting children with where their food comes from and how potatoes fit in a healthy balanced diet.

Market Information

Potato Council has carried out extensive research into potato consumers. If you have a specific question please do get in touch at .