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Monthly Fuel Price Tracker

2 April 2014
  • Latest figures from OPEC show that the price of oil fell by $1.22 (1.2%) from February to $104.16/barrel in March 2014.
  • Annual comparisons show that the price of oil is down $2.28/barrel from March of last year when it was $106.44.
  • In sterling terms, the March price of £62.62/barrel was down £1.05/barrel (1.6%) from the previous month and down £7.92/barrel (11.2%) year-on-year.
  • In March 2014, the average price for red diesel was down 0.32ppl to 66.75ppl and the retail pump price of diesel also fell 0.39ppl to 136.27ppl compared with February 2014.

Red diesel prices are down 6.95ppl (9.4%) to 66.75ppl and the diesel pump prices are also down 8.34ppl to 136.27ppl compared with March 2013.

For more up to date information, go to the OPEC website for crude oil prices and go to the DECC website for pre-tax diesel prices and diesel pump prices.
  Mar 2014 Feb 2014 Mar 2013
OPEC Price (US$ / Barrel) 104.16 105.38 106.44
OPEC Price (£ / Barrel)†


63.67 70.54
UK Red Diesel (ppl)* 66.75 67.07 73.70
UK Diesel Pump Price (ppl) 136.27 136.65 144.61

*Red diesel duty for February and March 2014 and March 2013 = 11.14ppl

† Exchange rate used 28/03/2014 for March.