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Market Information

Retail Market

17 October 2014

The Retail Market

Total potato sales are worth £2.2bn at retail (excluding crisps and snacks), with the fresh sector accounting for £1.23bn. The retail market is dominated by the major multiples, with the top 5 accounting for over 77% of sales. Fresh potatoes account for 1.4% of sales from the multiples – and by volume are the largest category in fresh produce.

Latest market report - Potato Retail Report October 2014

  • Sales of fresh potatoes by volume have stabilised in the latest 12-week period.
  • Chilled potatoes showed the strongest category growth in both value and volume terms in the latest 12-week period with purchase frequency up 10.2%.
  • Good yields and additional planting have resulted in an increase in supply of Maris Piper potatoes over the previous year.
  • In the 12 w/e 14 Sept, the proportion of Maris Piper potatoes sold on promotion increased tenfold to 71% compared to just 7% in 2013.
  • In the latest 12 weeks, the top 5 multiple retailers sold 48% of potatoes by volume on temporary price reductions and average prices were -16.8% lower than the same period last year.

This monthly report is produced on the retail sector, based on KANTAR World Panel data. This report is available free-of-charge to levy payers. Email to be added to the circulation list. To view the latest Potato retail report please visit the retail section of the knowledge hub.

Potato Council activity

The primary focus of Potato Council activity is on the consumer, which benefits all routes to market. Working with the major retailers and their supply chains does present a major opportunity to reach the consumer.

  • Research: Potato Council provides bespoke insights into the potato shopper which can be used to drive value and grow volumes.
  • Promotions: Potato Councils campaigns provide a platform for retail activity, linking activity in store or the through promotions. National Chip Week (February) and Potato Week (October) provide two focus points. There is also TV activity in early summer which can present another key opportunity.
  • Resources: for smaller retailers Potato Council has a range of posters and promotional literature available which can be used to help promote.

Market Information

Bespoke research has been commissioned to better understand shopper behaviour, as well as working with industry experts. Please contact us if you have a specific question, the following information is currently available:

  • Research was undertaken in 2010 in the five major retailers to better understand how shoppers behave. The research includes:
    • The shopper decision tree
    • Time spent in store
    • Key differences in approaches for convenience versus larger store formats
  • February 2011 Retail Conference focused on optimising the fresh potato category. Copies of the presentations from the day are available free of charge to levy payers, please email: