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Potato Weekly - 16 April 2012

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16 April 2012

Potato Weekly - 16 April 2012

  • The GB weekly average price was £120.69/t and the free-market average was £91.88/t.
  • In the packing sector supplies were ample, although top quality reds and K Edwards were becoming limited and were showing signs of firming.
  • In the bag sector demand centred on top quality frying samples where prices for the best continued to firm. Poorer quality material was excessive and difficult to move.
  • Token new crop liftings, including the varieties Rocket, Arrow and L Christl, has commenced in Cornwall.
  •  Total plantings up to 13 April were estimated at 62,400ha, compared to 79,800ha last year and 43,000ha in 2010.

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